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Article: Effective Homecare for Hairloss

Effective Homecare for Hairloss

Effective Homecare for Hairloss

Our hair is one of our most attractive features and also one of the first things people notice when they see us. So, it makes sense that we invest some time and effort into a good hair care routine. With a fast-paced lifestyle and pollution, problems such as dandruff, dry hair, split ends, or grey hair have become part of our everyday lives. But one of the most serious problems that affect most of us is hair loss. It is a common problem caused by various reasons and affects more than half of the population.



Some of the most common causes of hair loss include stress, lack of proper nutrition, ageing, certain medications, excessive heat styling.



There are several home remedies for dandruff and hair loss that are simple, humble, and persuasive. To help you with that, we have compiled a list of the best hair loss remedies that will not only help you get rid of hair loss but also leave you with strong and healthy hair.

1. Wash your hair

This is an easy decision and should be at the top of your hair care schedule. A basic hair wash with a mild strengthening shampoo keeps your scalp clean, prevents any kind of disease, and gives your hair a little more shine. Washing your hair on alternate days is recommended by hair experts.

2. Don't comb wet hair

Although you do it to save time, it affects your hair in a negative way. Wet hair tends to break faster. Towel drying your hair and then brushing it with a wide toothbrush can help prevent hair loss.

3. Head Massage

As with regular scalp rinses, the benefits of regular head massage cannot be overemphasized. It strengthens hair and is one of the best home remedies for hair loss and hair growth. A good head massage promotes blood circulation and helps with hair growth. You should choose a hair oil that is most suitable for your hair type.

4. Drink plenty of water

It is known that a lack of moisture seriously affects your body and also affects the well-being of your hair. You can avoid this by staying hydrated and drinking around 2 liters of water daily to avoid dehydration and easy breakage of hair strands.

5. Manage Your Stress Levels

One of the fundamental problems caused by stress is hair greying. As a result, managing your emotional well-being during difficult times can indirectly become one of the most popular hair loss remedies you'll try. You can deal with it by trying reflection, yoga, and various exercises that keep you authentic and intellectual.

6. Take time out for Physical Activity

Remembering various proactive tasks for your daily routine is one of the least difficult at-home solutions to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Exercising for 30 minutes has a host of benefits that also include helping your hair growth.

7. Eat a healthy diet

One of the main reasons for your hair loss could be some unwanted eating habits. A diet that includes the perfect ratio of nutrients and proteins will certainly affect the well-being of your hair. Therefore, a good eating routine is probably one of the easiest cures for hair loss. Include nuts, seeds and proteins in your daily diet regime to see best results for hair.

8. Coconut Milk

Because coconut milk contains important supplements and nutrients, it's one of the best homemade solutions to hair loss and hair growth. All you have to do is take some coconut milk and apply it to your scalp and hair. Step-by-step application instructions: Rub a cup of coconut milk onto your hair and scalp. Now place a towel over your head and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. After that, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cold water You can try to do this once every seven days.

9. Fermented Rice Water:

Aged Rice Water is considered to be the best solution for a variety of hair types and their different hair problems. It has a multitude of benefits. It is rich in nutrients, repairs damaged hair cells, has an appropriate PH to reduce hair loss. Using Rice water once a week to wash your hair can give you great benefits.

Home remedies can act as supplementary measures to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. Visit your dermatologist/ trichologist for a wholistic approach towards treating your hair related concerns.

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