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About Us

Who We Are

We live in a time where the skin and hair care industry is brimming with numerous products that claim to work. How do you pick the right product for your concern?

At PHIMEDY, we have a team of dermatologists and trichologists who have studied the intricacies of hair and skin care and hence are in the best position to give you expert advice about products that can actually work on your skin.

Under the guidance of a team of qualified professionals, PHIMEDY provides world-class skin & hair care products to obtain the best results while using a holistic approach.

You can easily avail of a free virtual consultation with doctors at PHIMEDY and get yourself a personalised skin and hair care routine.


PHIMEDY was launched with an aim to offer the best and authentic cosmeceuticals backed by science and dermatologists at your doorstep.

Our Approach

Cosmeceuticals have completely taken over the personal care industry across India.
Almost 50% of any dermatologist's prescription consists of a cosmeceutical - a cosmetic product that is able to yield a pharmaceutical benefit.
We have pioneered and championed cosmeceutical products. Expect effective dermatology care without non-compliance or excessive side effects.

We craft skin & hair treatment plans with products that actually work. Our doctor's panel is directly involved in every step of the formulary process, to give you skin & hair care that is backed by science and high-grade ingredients. Dermatologists across India are suggesting our products every single day!