How to deal with frizzy hair?

Before we get into how to deal with frizzy hair, truth be told there is nothing wrong with frizzy hair. Frizz is unavoidable to tame or control, but you can work on seeking techniques to smooth or eliminate the frizziness. However, just because it's an unavoidable feature of summer does not mean you have to spend the entire season hiding the same. There are a number of clinics that offer frizzy hair treatments available in Mumbai. Here is a list of some of our favourite hair tips and methods to keep your hair looking sleek, smooth, and frizz-free.

  • Change your Hair wash routine
  • Hair usually becomes frizzy when it is dry, and shampooing it too frequently will further dehydrate it. Instead of washing your hair every day, try washing every alternate day or even once a week if you can. If your roots start to look greasy, use a dry shampoo solution to assist absorb the excess oil. And if your hair looks flat, it can also help increase volume and texture. Try using frizzy hair shampoos with moisturising elements like glycerin as it absorbs more moisture in the air and forms a protective layer over the strands to decrease frizz.

  •  Switch to Microfiber towel and silk pillowcase
  • We all know that wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dried hair, and using a rough towel to dry it causes hair breakage and frizziness. It is therefore recommended that you use a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt as they both absorb moisture from the hair without straining them and thus reduce frizz and breakage. You can also switch to a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Hair cuticles flow due to less friction across the pillowcase rather than being snagged by it, thanks to the fabric.

  • Conditioner is a must
  • As frizzy hair requires hydration, it's critical to hydrate your hair after each wash. Even the most effective frizzy hair shampoos can rob your hair of its natural oils and moisturisers.  Each time you shampoo, use a deep conditioner that contains extremely moisturising substances like oils and butter. To lock in your natural moisture, alternate between using frizzy hair shampoo and conditioner one day and merely conditioner the next. To avoid a greasy scalp, only condition your hair and not the roots. 

  • Use hair serum
  • Hair serum is one product you must include in your hair care routine if you truly want to get rid of frizzy hair. Hair serums are one of the most effective remedies for frizz, but they're frequently laced with silicones. While silicones may be good for heat styling protection, moisturising, adding shine and smoothing the cuticle in some hair types, if you have frizzy hair search for silicone alternatives. Serums assist straighten hair strands for a smoother, glossier appearance. 

  • Try hair masks frequently
  • When you wash your hair, deep conditioning can help moisturise it, but frizzy hair may require more intensive hydration. Once a week, a hydrating hair mask with components like oils, glycerin, and silk proteins can provide enough moisture to calm your frizz. Some effective hair masks which you can try are honey yoghurt masks, apple cider vinegar hair masks, aloe vera, and almond oil masks. 

    While it's fine to want to control your frizz now and again, it's also vital to embrace your hair's natural texture and style rather than fighting it! Allow your straight, wavy, curly hair to do its thing because there will be moments when no matter what you do or how many products you use, your hair will not stay straight and smooth, so do not worry about it. Instead, consult an expert for frizzy hair treatment in Mumbai for healthy hair and accept your natural looks and enjoy.

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