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Article: How To Take Care Of Coloured Treated Hair?

How To Take Care Of Coloured Treated Hair?

How To Take Care Of Coloured Treated Hair?

Taking care of your coloured hair is essential if you want the color to remain as long as possible without losing its shine. Here are a few factors to keep in mind if you recently had your hair coloured.

Coloring your hair is an excellent technique to improve your appearance. Hair color can last a long time if properly cared for. Even the nicest dye job can fade rapidly if you don't take care of your hair. It is critical to understand how to care for color-treated hair. It will not only help the color remain longer, but it will also keep your hair healthy and strong.

  • Wait 72 hours after dying your hair before washing it again.
  • One of the most common mistakes people make is washing their hair too soon after dying it. Allow your hair to dry naturally after washing the dye out for the first time, then leave it alone for 72 hours. If you wash your hair before then, the dye may fade.

  • Wash hair less often
  • Washing your hair every day is something you should avoid if you want your hair color to remain longer, especially if it is a bright color.  Washing your hair removes not only the natural oils that nourish and keep your hair color appearing fresh, but it also removes a little amount of your hair dye. To keep your color vibrant, wash your hair every other day or even 2-3 times per week.

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Sulfate-free Shampoo and conditioner should be used. Sodium laureth sulfate, commonly known as sodium laureth ether sulfate, is found in a variety of personal care products. This chemical contributes to the foaming effect of shampoos and conditioners. When you use sulfates, you risk stripping your hair of its natural oils and hydration, which can lead to the loss of your gorgeous color-treated hair. To preserve your hair color from fading, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. 

  • Use a protein hair mask for extra nourishing
  • Most of us don't have time to apply hair masks, but it's important to make it a routine. Apply a hair mask an hour before shampooing to deeply moisturize your hair. Protein hair masks are fantastic for repairing damaged hair.

  • Do not stress your hair too much with straighteners
  • If you cannot give up your straighteners, hair curlers, styling tools, and heat-emitting equipment, here's a vital tip to remember: always use the lowest temperature setting on your instrument to avoid harming the hair fibers and keeping the color longer. Allow your hair to air dry naturally in the summer and when the weather is warm enough.

  • Use heat protectant spray before using styling tools
  • Heat will remove color and hydration from your hair, resulting in damaged hair. Use a heat protectant spray beforblow drying or styling to help avoid these issues from occurring while using hot tools. Heat protectant sprays will help decrease moisture loss from within the hair, smooth the outside of the hair, and protect your hair from humidity after heat style, all of which will help keep your color vibrant.

  • Do a Hot Oil Treatment to Add Sheen to Color-Treated Hair
  • Hot oil treatments are simple to perform at home and enhance the luster of color-treated hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap after applying the treatment oil to clean, towel-dried hair. Heat can be applied by using a hot towel, a blow dryer, or even sitting in the sun. Allow the hair to return to room temperature after heating e the oil, then rinse with cool water.

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