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Article: Six Summer Hair Issues Resolved

Six Summer Hair Issues Resolved

Six Summer Hair Issues Resolved

Summer is the most enjoyable season. It's the season for pool parties, chilled drinks, trips to the beach, long drives, and letting loose. In the midst of all of this pleasure and enjoyment, one of the most common challenges we face is dealing with our hair.

Now that we are discussing the damage caused by summer, it's time to discuss what types of problems people are facing and how we might address them.

These are some of the most common issues that cause our hair to be damaged, but many people are unaware of them.


When the sun's rays are strong, our hair color tends to fade. In the same way that UV rays cause tan, they also cause our hair to lose its color.

SOLUTION - Summer haircare might be challenging, but it's recommended to avoid prolonged sun exposure for healthy hair. Apply hair SPF serums. One of the efficient ways to fix this problem and keep hair color from fading. Scarfs and hats are fantastic summer accessories that also serve as a fashionable method to protect your hair from the sun. Tying your hair to reduce contact damage before going out might also help protect your hair. Avoid overly tight hair ties and instead opt for summertime braids and buns.


A person who has had their hair change color from too much pool time understands the dangers of chlorine. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that dries out the hair by removing its natural oils. Hair weakens and breaks easily over time. Furthermore, chlorine penetrates the hair roots and removes moisture from the hair, resulting in a dry scalp and brittle hair.

SOLUTION - Wear a swimming hat or treat strands with our Phimedy hair fall control oil- and silicone-based cosmetics to protect your hair. "As soon as you get out of the water, wash and rinse off any leftover chlorine that may be adhering to your hair and skin," say experts.


We all sweat under direct sunlight, which causes our hair to get greasy and moist. It's unpleasant and makes our hair appear dull.

SOLUTION - The ideal remedy is to use dry shampoo for extra volume and a cold hair dryer to remove all sweat from the hair roots.


Both natural and chemical dryness requires regular moisturizing. Here's what needs to be done to make things right.

SOLUTION - Apply oil to the hair for fifteen minutes every day before washing it. For this treatment, use mustard/coconut oil, like any physically processed oil is better for hair. Keeping the body moisturized is essential, and don't forget to avoid using hot styling products and suction cups.


Dandruff, while harmless, can be a constant problem to deal with. Exfoliate your scalp with hyaluronic acid and an exfoliating brush to gently lift the top layer of dry skin. 

SOLUTION - Wash your hair once a day with natural water at room temperature. In the summer, avoid taking a hot water bath.

If you have oily dandruff in your hair, wash it frequently and avoid using any hair care products on the scalp. It is critical to see a doctor if you have greasy dandruff.

If you are still facing dandruff occurrence on your scalp you can visit PHI CLINICS and can consult an expert. You can also browse our PHIMEDY page to get your products.


It is something that never leaves you, no matter the season. Hair loss occurs as a result of excessive sweating and heat. Maintain a regular schedule for haircuts. Preconditioning and everyday washing are the most effective in reducing hair fall.

SOLUTION - Apply hair fall control serum to your hair daily to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. Take a look at our range of hair serums and take your favorite pick. Your hair will not fall out if it is clean. Haircuts remove excess weight from the scalp. It also keeps the ends of the hair healthy, which helps with hair loss. For hair loss treatment you can consult an expert at PHI CLINIC which is a one stop solution for all your hair and skin concerns and to save your hair from getting damaged.

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