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Article: Skincare Routine for the Bride to be

Skincare Routine for the Bride to be

Skincare Routine for the Bride to be

Preparing for your wedding day can be pretty stressful! From the day you fix your wedding date to the day of your wedding, everything has to be PERFECT!! Amidst getting your outfits ready, booking your hair and makeup artist, do not neglect your Skin. Stress, an unhealthy diet and dehydration can take a serious toll on the health of your skin. That’s why you need to start a skincare routine at least three to six months in advance.

Skincare Products to Use:

A basic CTM (cleanser, toner, moisturiser) and sunscreen routine is constant for any bride-to-be. And yes, the sunscreen is non-negotiable! Since you will be making a lot of outdoor trips, you have to load up on SPF to prevent damage from the harsh UV rays. Sun exposure can lead to skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, inflammation, sunburn, tan and pigmentation. In fact, skin discolouration or pigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns of brides.

Retinol creams improve skin elasticity, promote collagen production, and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. However, they may not be suitable for all skin types. Consult a dermatologist thereafter buy bridal skincare products at PHIMEDY like retinol creams and serums. You can also add a skin brightening ingredient like Vitamin C to your skin routine.

Skincare Treatments for the bride-to-be:

Make a three- or six-month plan for your skin health maintenance. If you have any skin concerns your dermatologist can prescribe a wholistic plan inclusive of applications and in clinic treatments. Your neck and decolletage skin are thinner than the rest of your body and needs special care. PHI EXPERTS recommend the following treatments for your D-Day!

· Medicated Facials and Peels for Hydration and Radiance

· Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel ™ for Red-carpet ready Skin

· Face PRP for Radiant and Dewy Skin

· Laser Hair Reduction for a smooth, easy to maintain skin

· Skin boosters for Long lasting and deeper hydration


Pre-Wedding Tips:

· Relax and de-stress yourself and your skin

· Go for facials and bridal skincare in Mumbai to pamper yourself

· Relax your skin by engaging in an at home facial massage for 5-10 minutes every day to increase blood circulation

· Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night to keep your skin energized

· Go for a full-body massage. Relax and rejuvenate before the big day

Converse with A Dermatologist at PHI CLINIC for Bridal Skincare in Mumbai

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