5 Overly Hyped Skincare Products

The internet is a place full of vast and remarkable information. Every week a new skin care product is released with a new promise, whether it's beautiful skin, lustrous hair, or the ability to look 10 years younger. The reasons why you may want to eliminate certain scrubs, tools, and masks from your facial care routine may vary. Some are too harsh, some are ineffective, some just don’t live up to the hype. Here is a list of products that should be avoided at all costs.

  • Clarisonic Face Brush
  • The risks of over-exfoliating are real! Physicians recommend gentle exfoliation once or twice a week at most to prevent irritation. The Clarisonic Face Brush is a "sonic cleanser," not an exfoliant. However, due to its pretty stiff bristles that vibrate to cleanse the face, some exfoliation does take place. It's likely that using the Clarisonic morning and night, as many users do for that "deep clean" feeling, can cause irritation. People with sensitive skin may experience redness and drying out of the skin while acne prone skin may break out.

  • Toners
  • We're not the only ones who dislike unnecessary skin care products, and toners fit the bill. They don't need to take up space on your counter unless they're made with substances that have a specific purpose. A toner that contains lactic acid or glycolic acid can help gently exfoliate your skin, while that with soothing ingredients like aloe or rosewater may help reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, a toner with skin-clearing ingredients such as salicylic acid can be great for decongesting your pores. The key here is to know which ingredients to look for and which ingredients to avoid and to find a toner that will best suit your skin type if need be.

  • Pore strips
  • Pore strips are overhyped! Your pores are usually clogged far further down, and pore strips are simply overpriced adhesive tape. Even though pore strips don’t cause capillaries to break, they do have the potential to cause tearing or further irritate already-compromised skin when pulled off. So avoiding pore strips completely is a skin friendly and wise choice to make! Treating your blackheads at a dermatologist's clinic is the best option.

  • Face wipes
  • Face wipes are an easy way out for removing make up. Unfortunately, getting a squeaky clean cleanse for the skin isn’t so easy. Wipes contain a lot of alcohol and preservatives that are used to keep the wipes moist. Using them daily can lead to friction and irritation for sensitive skin. Using a face wipe once in a while when you have no choice is fine but making it a habit can cause more harm than good. They are a strict no no for acne prone and sensitive skin.

  • Essential Oils
  • Although essential oils have many beneficial benefits, using them on the face might cause dermatitis, skin irritation, rosacea, or psoriasis. Many essential oils are safe to apply to the face, but they must first be diluted in a carrier oil.

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