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Article: All about Retinol

All about Retinol

All about Retinol

Vitamin A is also referred to as Retinol. It relates to the retinoid family of chemical substances, which includes vitamin A. Retinoic acid, retinaldehyde, and retinyl palmitate are some of the examples of other retinoids. Retinol for skin is known for its anti-aging qualities in addition to being a reliable acne treatment. Retinols speed up cell turnover, cleanse pores and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinols are currently available as OTC serums, lotions, and night reparative creams. These are simple to incorporate into one's regular skincare routine because they contain a low dosage of retinol, which gradually improves skin condition.

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about retinol, which is primarily owing to a lack of awareness of the specific kind. All retinols are retinoids, but not the other way around. Because retinoids have a substantially faster cell turnover rate, they are used to treat resistant acne or severe acne problems. Retinols, on the other hand, produce regulated cell turnover, which results in modest skin rejuvenation.

There is no such usage restriction over Indian skin, nor are there any gender restrictions. The only thing to consider before utilizing retinol products like retinol serums is you need to check whether your skin is hypersensitive, dry, or inflamed. 

Following are some dos and don’ts which you need to keep in mind while using any retinol product on your skin.

  • It is suggested to start with a small amount. A lot of retinol for skin can cause dryness and excessive peeling of skin
  • Always use sunscreen over the retinol product
  • Because not all retinoids are effective, seek the advice of a dermatologist. In this sense, retinoids are best left to the doctor's discretion, as the improper potency, high amount, or usage when not necessary can further injure the skin. You can visit PHI CLINIC for dermatologist’s consultancy

It is always suggested that you get a skin examination with a certified skin professional before purchasing retinol-based products like retinol serum, retinol cream, and retinol anti aging cream. Not only will this assist determine if these items will be beneficial in improving skin structure, but it will also rule out the possibility that they are unnecessary.

There is a plethora of enticing creams and serums on the market, and without sufficient awareness of your skin type and the choice of product, you may wind up damaging your skin. As a result, the expert examination is the first step in deciding on a retinol program.

Retinol would be most suited for incorporation in a bedtime routine since the majority of the skin's repairing and regenerate activity occurs at that time. That is also a time of day when one is not exposed to various hazardous environmental impacts such as sun damage, dust, pollution, heat/cold waves, and so on.

Let’s know more about the benefits of using retinol cream with your skincare regime. 

  1. Lessens signs of aging: retinol enhances skin cell turnover; your skin will have a youthful glow. 
  2. The texture is improved: the retinol serum improves your collagen production which ultimately has a more turgid structure, and strength. The cells over the surface of your skin will get replaced more quickly, this also helps to smooth out your skin and reduce the dull, dry look of the dead skin. 
  3. Even skin tone: the retinol cream can smooth the texture and make your skin toned. 
  4. Clear your acne: the retinol for skin decreases the function of overactive oil glands and unclogged pores. Retinol will boost the potency of other acne medication’s active ingredients. 
  5. Enhance collagen production: retinol anti aging cream helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and any other signs of aging. 
  6. Reverse the effects of sun damage: the antioxidants present in the retinoid anti aging cream can help with repairing the sun-damaged skin like lightening dark spots.  

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